It's about being invited. Not about breaking through. In marketing and design campaigns of the past, created by agencies of the past, the mantra was always something to the effect of "we can break through the clutter and stand out in the crowd". At Meade Design we see that as the status quo. When you become a part of popular culture by creating it, that's where you want to be.


Catalog Data Solutions is a leading provider of web-based sales solutions for industrial suppliers. They approached Meade Design with the challenge to create a web solution that would stand up to their discerning, engineering industry client base.



Sushi [Confidential]™ is making waves in the sushi restuaraunt segment. Randy Musterer and partners have succesfully created a one of a kind dining experience that quickly became the benchmark for Northern California.



Trevino Trucking are the experts in the exotic car transport industry. They are building a name throughout their segment of the trucking and logistics industry. They came to us to design and develop a web presense that can further build that brand!



Sequoia Networks is one of their industries most innovative players. They were the firt to develop The Quadruple Play Network. As planned we helped them acheive their goal of an extremely profitable buy out.


What's on our minds at Meade Design...

If you recognize this may understand our passion for Innovative Design Technology
Our Passion

Innovative design technology has always been our passion at Meade Design. We eat, sleep and breathe design and user interface innovation. It's our fascination with the collision of human nature, design and the power of the internet that drives us.

Book: Evil by Design
Don't worry, we're on the same team!

We are constantly learning and becoming experts at the ever emerging and evolving technologies. This is one of our new favorite books that just hit the shelves. Evil By Design. It reinforces much of what we have learned over the years about that collision mentioned above. ..Human nature, design and the power of the internet.

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